Sprints indeed were made to give you a sense of urgency and force mvps / task breakdown (making big goals seem attainable), but it was not made to force people to work, hahaha…

It’s very common to have many unfinished tasks by the end of the sprint and I’ve never seen anyone being berated for that: we know our teams were engaged and did the best they could to deliver value throughout the sprint. (That’s what dailies are for: discussing everyday progress.)

Sprints are also short so that we learn why we aren’t delivering as much as we initially said, so we either make betters plans next time or undercommit in order to focus on what matters.

I once again insist on telling you that people suck much more than processes: bad managers abuse people both traditional* and agile methodologies. (*And we have The Office and all sort of media as proof of that.)

UX Tutor @ CareerFoundry [#OpenToWork] https://www.linkedin.com/in/romarioverbran/

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