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Facilitation techniques to make a fortune with the least creative people at your company

Woman browsing clothes on a human-sized smartphone screen
Woman browsing clothes on a human-sized smartphone screen

That’s when your Marketing Manager shows up and say:

“I always make the greatest BFs every place I work, so I must also do it here. Designer (me), I need you to design a landing page so we can get some leads!”

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a designer, is that the first idea that comes to your mind is always the first idea worth…

If you want to design disruptive products, you must abandon standard stories

Woman inserts cards into a smartphone with the phrases “As a user, I want to, so that”
Woman inserts cards into a smartphone with the phrases “As a user, I want to, so that”

As a UX Tutor, I review hundreds of user stories from aspiring designers striving to address their personas’ needs — but they end up doing exactly the opposite.

That’s because user stories focus on features rather than needs, so most students (and dev teams) struggle to develop innovative products since this framework suppresses their creative efforts.

Here’s a recurring example of how user stories impair my students:

“As a learner, I want to receive notifications so that I can stick to my study schedule.”

Pretty reasonable, but when was the last time you thought: “you know what, I definitely need…

The perfect solution is not always the best solution

Man leaning over piled boxes inside a smartphone
Man leaning over piled boxes inside a smartphone

This is OFF Premium’s ordeal: a multi-million fashion marketplace working with hundreds of stores spread throughout Brazil’s 8.5 million² kilometres, resulting in shipping costs of up to $400 for a single shirt!

The worst part is that shipping used to be free but new commercial policies suddenly changed it, so we went from $0 to WTF?! out of nowhere.

Customers were furious on social media, claiming they were abandoning packed carts and visiting competitors — and I honestly believe they…

Every UX has an amount of complexity you cannot play with

Snapchat learned it the hard way back in 2018 after a major redesign that burned 35% of their revenue. Although it had a better Information Architecture than the original, it changed the app’s complexity so much that 5 million users simply jumped out of the boat.

But how can a system be both easy and complex at the same time?

Let’s explain that with something you’re certainly familiar with: a front door.

The cognitive bias that makes us proud of being made fools of.

The funny thing is that most people feel like they have gamed the system when opting for the bigger size — as if they found a breach in the operations — but the fact is that the system has just gamed them.

Medium portions are not meant to be sold just like many iPhones are planned to flop. It’s a huge mistake to say the iPhone 5C…

Designing a new Category Tree and Menu UI from scratch

Actually, it pays some additional $70.000 every month!

The Problem

OFF Premium is a fashion marketplace offering over 10k products from hundreds of stores and brands all over Brazil. Selling over $1 million per month, OFF brings you premium apparel for an affordable price — I mean really affordable price, often reaching 80% off the original price!

The problem: OFF was an experiment that went viral. Sales skyrocketed on a…

Scrum is a framework difficult to learn and dangerous to master

(Created by Romario Eichlig)

You’d be surprised to know that it didn’t happen at a startup, but at a multi-million eCommerce instead. We were struck by a combination of Covid-19 + the onset of our Agile transformation + new business model — the perfect recipe for this disaster my squad went through.

After 6 months of failure, I approached our Agile Coach and said: “if…

Language shapes how you think and how bad you do Scrum

How would you describe this scene?

That vase immediately falls and breaks into a hundred. (Just like the man’s heart as he thinks of its price.) Now how would you describe this artsy tragedy?

A Stanford professor carried this same study with both English and Spanish native speakers, revealing a shocking pattern. The English described the scene with agentive expressions…

Why you should cancel a Sprint and what happens when you don’t

A Sprint is just a time-boxed container for Scrum events; arbitrary and independent from the people and work in it.

When a sprint is cancelled due to obsolescence (the only factor prescribed by the Scrum Guide itself), we don’t set computers on fire nor do we delete the useful stuff in the Sprint. …

Scrum basics for young professionals feeling lost in the wild.

Sad boy leaning over a table while he reads a bunch of books
Sad boy leaning over a table while he reads a bunch of books
Job descriptions make you feel like you need to master something new every day

I know well how that feels: not long ago I was struggling to become a full-time UX designer and reading “scrum experienced required” everywhere only made everything harder. “So I need management experience now?!”

Still, I read so much about it that I became a professional scrum impostor (dear manager, if you are reading this, I must confess I…

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